Pollution is the word came from the Latin word pollution, which means” make it dirty “. pollution is produced by the air, water, land environment etc. all these things are making our daily life very harmful. pollution is very much bad reacted to our old age, children’s, sick people and animals too.

 there are mainly four types of pollution:

1: air pollution: air pollution is produced from harmful gases from factories, automobiles, the burning of solid wastes, smoke etc.

2: water pollution: water is the very important natural resource on the earth for living. all the waste of factories, houses, are throwing in the rivers so that it makes our water useless.

3: noise pollution: this pollution is produced by sound, sound produced through loud speakers, noise from industries, microphones, loud music etc.

4: land pollution: land pollution is produced by the degrading on the earth by improper way of fertilizing, chemicals, pesticides etc

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